Donate today to help us
achieve our mission

Your donation today will help to ensure all children and
young people are supported to access the opportunities
and support they need to be successful during childhood
and into adulthood.

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The Impact

Why support us?

Your donation helps us to support the most vulnerable children and families in Stoke on Trent Staffordshire. Without you’re donation we wouldn’t be able to provide activities for children living with disabilities, children experiencing neglect or offer parenting programmes for parents and families wanting to provide the best start in life for their children. Any size donation makes a big difference to the children we support.

Look at what you donation can buy:

£10 provides a parenting session for parent or carer of a vulnerable child

£15 provides a fun filled activity for a child living with disabilities
£16 allows us to visit a vulnerable child in their home

Your donation helps our charity to continue supporting the families who need our hel

A single £10 donation can continue to help us to contact isolated families

£50 can contribute towards our Parenting Together Sessions

£100 can help us recruit and support a small group of volunteers

What impact will your donation have?

“We have time to do something for ourselves or spend quality time with siblings etc”

“Seeing my child’s face when he came back from swimming was priceless, I can’t thank you enough”

“I feel less stressed, more able to cope with family life”

“My child has progressed so much from coming to the sessions”

We are here to help every single person,
we can and here is how:

We are here to help everyone we possibly can, so if these services aren’t relevant you can find some more specialised services here

Planning your own Fundraiser
Would you like to raise money for our charity? Why not plan your own event? whether its big or small- every penny is appreciated and goes towards supporting Children & Families across Staffordshire.

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